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I am sorry to hear of the end of H.O.N.O.R. You have done an excellent job with helping our seniors in the community. Wishing you and Doug the best. Brenda Lewis Florida Southern College
Brenda Lewis,
Good Morning Doug & Sherri I am sorry to see the ministry ending....however I want you to know that serving with you has changed my life. Working with you has resulted in some great changes and outcomes in my own life and I am a better person for having served with you. I know you are aware of my friend Max who has now become an ongoing effort for me. I have just successfully moved him into a new and much better apartment than he was living in. We have become great friends and I plan to serve him until his end of life or as long as he wishes. More important to me personally however was the introduction to my friend Michael Beresford "Bear" in Lakeland. The six months I spent with him before his tragic passing changed my life. He touched my heart like no other person has and I am forever grateful to you both for the introduction. The outcomes from that relationship have resulted in other things in which I am now involved. Your ministry has touched people far and wide that you will probably never meet or hear of. It has been a true honor (no pun intended) to serve with you both and I wish you both God Speed in your future efforts. You both have my love. Glynnda White
Hi Sherry, Thank you for the years of service with H.O.N.O.R., Inc. Hope
Doug and Sherry, You guys have been a blessing to many people. I hate to see you guys hang up your hats. It seems like the need is out there. It's just that there isn't enough organizations like yours and ours that are willing to do the types of work that we are asked to do. Doug and I had a long talk about this the other day. Just so you know, Doug, once you retire, there is a spot reserved for you on the Tuesday Tigers. We need hard and dedicated workers like you. Sherry: Wanna be a member of the First Team committee? Love to have your expertise on the team. It's been a pleasure working with you. Mike
Thank you for your great work and wonderful witness to His love. Blessings to you, Joe Dionisi
Joe Dionisi,
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